Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Hannah Banana

Hannah asks me today, "Mom how old do I have to be until I can change my name to Flower?" Taking her very seriously (like I always do) I said not until you are twenty-one. She was like okay I can wait until then. I kid you not I bet one hundred bucks she will do this. She is going to be the one to keep me on my toes! So stay tuned!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What a "WRECK"

Okay so just today I was thinking how lucky I am that I've only had one ticket and that was when I was sixteen. (Just never been caught) And I have never been in an accident. (Just when I ran into my brother-in-laws prized chevy dually, sorry about that Mike) Well that all changed while I was coming down Washington today with all three of my girls! Do you ever have those moments when you think " Are you serious right now!"

So the first thing I do when we get into our car is say "Does everone have their seat belt on." Thinking that since I have reminded them that of course they will promptly strap them on. Well never again will I do that. Stinken Hannah is going to be the death of me. I'm just so thankful that my kids were safe and that the other two vehicles passengers were not harmed either.(except for their cars)

I can't tell you how nice these people were after I had t-boned them. They were asking me if I was o.k. They gave me hug and said sorry we had to meet under these circumstance. I had a lady wait with me until Mike got there. I had another lady stop and give my girls a snack. I 'm thinking this whole time "I have just put your cars out of commission for a while and you are being nice to me." I couldn't believe these people were for real. I honestly don't think I would have given a person a hug for running in to me. It has really made me stop and think that things could have been so much worse and that I am one luck lady to have been spared so much.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A fun day out!

Harley earned a certain amount of stars from school(for good behavior) and I told her she could pick something fun to do. She wanted to do a pedicure. So she and I went and had a girls day. She is so cute because she thinks she is all grown up. She is such a fun girl!

San Diego Zoo

We were able to go to the San Diego Zoo this past holiday break. We went with friends and just had a blast!!! The zoo was soooo big. The weather was awesome! And the animals were so cool.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Harley's Song

I forgot to post this for Harley. She wanted everyone to know that she is a songwriter. She showed this to her teacher and the teacher told her that it would be the classes song for the month of October...see how far behind I am at posting this!


In October
for a while
I will have a
happy smile.

In October
I'll be a host
to witches, goblins
and a ghost

I'll serve them
chicken soup on toast
Whippity once
Whippity twice
Whippity chicken soup
with rice!

Family Reunion

The Judd Family Reunion was a great go Ma Judd. It was a reunion for all my dads brothers and sister and all their kids. Uncle Larry, Clay, Barry, Orson, Keith and Aunt Robin. It was great to see them all again. The kids were able to see all their cousins and got to make up a did that go again Shawna?!? The little kids played tug a war against the older kids and Uncle Clay would come up at the last second and helped the little ones destroy the older ones! =) The skits were a lot of fun as well. All the grand kids were so fun to watch and really got into their parts. But I do have to say Jenna and Harley stole the show with Taylor Swifts song of "I Hate That Stupid Old Pick Up Truck You Never Let Me Drive" Whoosh you go girls. Loved IT!! Thanks again for a great time MOM! Now you can Relax! =)


Harley was Sleeping Beauty. (Her costume was purchased at the Disney Store when it was going out of business.)
Hannah was a witch. (Which was Harley's costume Last Year.)
Hagan was a cute little bumble bee.(I found this at Marshall's and just had to have it. It has the funnest tulle under the skirt to make it all poofy.)

For Halloween this year we went to Pump It Up on Thursday night. It turned out being a lot of fun. The kids were able to jump for awhile and then they got a slice of pizza and an ice cream cone from baskin robins(they were a vendor there) Then there were vendors set up in the parking lot and the kids went trick-or-treating there. There were a good number of vendors so I didn't think the kids got jipped for not being able to go trick-or-treating on Friday. (WE were traveling to Arizona to a Family Reunion.)